natural range
natural range
natural range

hemp range

natural range

  • natural hemp straw
  • teardrop fedora crown 4"
  • outback brim 3 1/4"
  • 7-pleat puggaree hatband
  • leather sweatband
  • made in australia
Akubra's legendary quality is available in a hemp straw hat. Hemp is one of the world's strongest fibers. The fibers are naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light and are extremely resistant to abrasion. Hemp straw hats are stronger than toquilla fiber Panamas, are more durable and will last longer. The partially vented crown of the Range is a pinched telescope and measures 4 inches at the front and 4½ inches at the sides. The brim is 3¼ inches wide. The 7-pleat cloth puggaree is 1⅝ inches wide. Reeded roan leather sweatband. Vented around the crown. Color is Natural. Made in Australia.