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    How To Care For Your Hat

    • Please handle your hat from under the brim and avoid touching or pinching the crown. Not only does it misshape the hat, but oils from the hand will spot fur and cause straw to crack.

    • To remove loose dirt, use a soft horsehair brush counter-clockwise on the crown and clockwise underneath the brim.

    • To remove stubborn stains, try using a dry hat sponge. This has a sandpaper effect, so use sparingly.

    • To remove extra stubborn stains, try rubbing a small area with cornmeal or granular hat spot remover.

    • To clean, wipe straw or felt hat with cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

    • Never store your hat in direct sunlight or a hot car. The inside band will shrink and the color will fade.

    • Resting your hat upside-down on its crown will prevent distortion of the brim’s shape.